NYSID Guide to HMOs

Letter From Governor George E. Pataki

September 1, 2004

Dear New Yorker:

Consumers need reliable information to compare the quality of health insurers. The Interactive New York Consumer Guide to HMOs accomplishes this goal by helping you make the health insurance choice that will best serve you and your family.

The Department of Insurance and the Department of Health have once again combined forces to produce the 2004 Interactive Consumer Guide to HMOs. The guide offers descriptions of health insurance products available in New York State, such as the newly enhanced Healthy NY program; information on how to choose an HMO; and easy-to-read tables that will help you compare HMOs in terms of quality and service.

The guide also provides vital information on customer service, such as consumer complaints, grievances, and appeals. Telephone numbers for HMOs operating in your area are also included. New York State is committed to promoting a fair and competitive health insurance market and educating consumers so they make smart choices.

Uninsured New Yorkers should note the enhancements to the Healthy NY program that took effect last year. These enhancements have broadened eligibility standards, eliminated co-payments for routine examinations of children and other well-child visits, and reduced Healthy NY premiums by an average of 17% for eligible New Yorkers.

The information in this guide will help you choose the health insurance plan that best fits your needs. Please review it carefully.

Very truly yours,

George E. Pataki

Copyright © 2004 New York State Insurance Department