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Healthy NY (Coverage for small businesses and the working uninsured)

Healthy NY brings affordable, comprehensive health insurance to the working uninsured. Healthy NY is for small businesses, sole proprietors and working people without health insurance. Each group of participants has its own distinctive set of eligibility criteria and participation rules.

Eligibility and Enrollment
To be eligible for Healthy NY coverage through the individual program, your total household income must not exceed the limits listed below. The amount of the household income limit depends upon the number of household members you have. Click here to view a list of HMOs providing Healthy NY.

Benefits and Costs
Under the Healthy NY program, all New York HMOs offer a standard, yet comprehensive, health insurance benefit package to qualifying small businesses, sole proprietors and individuals. Healthy NY is not free health insurance. You must pay a monthly premium for Healthy NY, though its benefits package is specifically designed to be more affordable than other coverage. Even though Healthy NY benefits are the same at each HMO, premiums vary.

Coverage for important services such as hospital care, regular medical checkups and prescription drugs are available. Doctors and health care providers who are part of the HMO’s network provide all services.

For more information about enrolling in Healthy NY, or if you are a small business or sole proprietor, call this toll-free number: 1-866-HEALTHY-NY (1-866-432-5849), or visit the Web site at

Healthy NY Income Eligibility Guidelines
Effective January 2002 and subject to revision.

Family Size Annual Household Income
1 Up to $22,275
2 Up to $29,975
3 Up to $37,675
4 Up to $45,375
5 Up to $53,075
Each extra person add $7,700

Note: Pregnant women count as two people for the purpose of determining family size.


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