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Crosswalk of Select Health Insurers Names

NYSID data in this Guide are reported by the parent company name. DOH data are reported by health maintenance organization (HMO) product name, with the exception of DOH complaints data. When you look at the HMO Quality of Care and Service page, use this table to cross-reference the HMO product to its parent company name, for comparison. For all other health insurers, the parent company name is also the HMO product name.

Parent Company Name HMO Product Name
Community Blue (HealthNow)(BSNEY) Blue Shield of Northeastern New York (Albany Area)
Community Blue (Buffalo area)
Excellus Health Plan, Inc. (HMO) Blue Choice is also known as Finger Lakes or Rochester area depending on who is reporting the data.
Univera Healthcare
Upstate HMO
Rochester Area HMO Preferred Care
NYSID data for HIP HMO also includes:
Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York
HIP Insurance Company of New York.
PerfectHealth Insurance Company
Vytra Health Services, Inc.
Vytra Healthcare of Long Island, Inc.
HIP HMO - Data reflects HIP HMO data only


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